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Known for our ability to work with medical providers and insurance companies alike, the RLF team will ease the strain a car accident can have on your health, finances, and stress level. You focus on getting better - we'll take care of the rest. Personal Injury Consultations are always FREE.

With decades of experience in insurance defense, The Rigg Law Firm is trusted by some of the top  insurance providers in the nation.

Additionally, The Rigg Law Firm offers mediation services for a variety of legal needs. Known for our objectivity, honesty, and fairness, RLF is uniquely suited to mediate.

Civil litigation

The law firm of choice for leading Real Estate Agents in the White Mountains, The Rigg Law Firm is experienced  on a variety of real estate matters.

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Estate Planning

Real Estate Law

A properly laid out and legal binding Estate Plan is crucial to ensuring your loved ones are prepared and can honor your healthcare as well as financial wishes. It is never too soon to start planning for your future. See our Estate Planning tab for more information about how an Estate Plan can help you.

Personal Injury

Insurance Defense

Licensed on the Navajo Nation and with the White Mountain Apache Tribe, The Rigg Law Firm is one of a handful of attorneys licensed and versed in tribal law. Our office works hand in hand with tribes across Arizona on a wide variety of cases.

Tribal Law

There are two people any business should have readily available to assist at anytime, an accountant and an attorney. An attorney is crucial to ensuring that your business stays clear of liability concerns and can save tens of thousands of dollars by preventing common legal concerns business owners nationwide face.  

Civil litigation is one of the most common forms of law seen in our office. Whether the issue is a real estate dispute, a contractual issue, or a concern of negligence, The Rigg Law Firm is highly experienced in civil litigation. Our dedicated team takes the time to ensure every client has an understanding of their case and takes the time to educate them on all the legal routes possible.


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